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Leadership Coaching

Mon - Fri : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching focuses on all aspects of a leader's performance from change management, developing trust, setting expectations to managing commitments. Our services are tailored to personal needs and goals and include 360 feedback, prioritizing, authenticity, growth, and more. ALC helps our clients develop self-awareness to recognize unique strengths and values.

The Approach

We believe that the knowledge and skills are within the individual. Effective leadership coaching creates space for self-awareness to develop a client’s authentic self. That awareness stems from feedback and introspection for self-discovery, creating possibilities for experiences and learning.

The “Experience”

Clients and coach build a relationship of trust and respect. Direct communication featuring active listening and thought-provoking questioning provides space for growth. Together, they establish actions, plans, and goals for tracking progress.

The Outcomes

The intended result for all clients is growth, development, and a new life-changing perspective. Ideally, clients become more intentional as they make choices and decisions.

Coaching: Types, Ethics & FAQ

In order to know exactly what coaching is, it helps to know what it is not. Coaching is not training, or consulting, or even mentoring. Executive Leadership Coaching is a process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve an organization's goals.

Team Coaching

Team dynamics are complex and at times downright challenging.  The health of any organization is based on trust, competency, leadership effectiveness, communication, commitments, and accountability.  ALC has led, managed, and coached teams on interpersonal interactions and team dynamics through challenging issues. Teams are coached to maintain focus and motivation, keeping results and direction in mind.

Individual Coaching – Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit

Are you looking to improve your life? Are you pursuing your passion? Where do you find peace? Coaching can lead you to greater performance and a more fulfilling and intentional life.

Coaching Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards & FAQ

Download a PDF of Coaching Ethics from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

International Coaching Federation (ICF) FAQ’s. Download PDF here.

Hear From Our Clients

We enjoy the relationships with our clients and are appreciative of their confidence and trust in the ALC team.
Banking Leader

I never would have imagined how much Tim’s coaching would help me develop professionally. I started soaring once I began my coaching sessions with him. I know the coaching Tim provided has given me the aptitude to grow and develop, creating the possibility for me to aim to higher goals in my career.

Banking LeaderCharlotte, NC
Sr. Program Leader

Tim ranks among the very best I’ve ever seen for his ability to meet individuals “where they are” and coach and lead them to the next step in their growth professionally.

Sr. Program LeaderCharlotte, NC
Sr. Consultant

Tim’s coaching has helped me navigate from being a high performing contributor to a team leader. I have realized the importance of living each day focusing on commitment and putting effort and thought into how I treat myself and others.  My quality of life – both at work and away from the office – has never been better.

Sr. ConsultantCharlotte, NC
Team Leader

We focused on a few key areas of strength and as a result, my confidence, knowledge, awareness and skill set grew tremendously.

Team LeaderCharlotte, NC

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