Complimentary Coaching Offer

Complimentary Coaching Offer

It has been a fascinating several weeks.  The volume of change is phenomenal.  The impact from the COVID-19 virus has been devastating for some and disruptive for others.  The responses from government, ecclesiastical and industry leaders have varied widely.  We have seen an outpouring of charity and empathy to help individuals with their specific needs.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have seen harsh reactions bearing down on individuals who are already in difficult circumstances with little allowance for flexibility or forgiveness.  I hope to assist leaders to be creative, intentional and connect with others in to lead with powerful effectiveness.

As I evaluate the situation, I want to do my part to allow others to move through their challenges most effectively.  I am making an offer to you of a complimentary hour of leadership coaching to help you work through whatever challenges you may have.  This offer is open for the weeks of April 6thand April 13th.  Depending on the response for these two weeks, we will determine if this offer would need to be extended.  This is an hour of coaching with no strings attached and no expectations except to help you.  The Applied Leadership Coaching motto has been and continues to be “Helping Others Succeed”.

You can sign up using the Acuity Scheduling tool.  The Acuity link is on the LinkedIn post.  As you click on it, the Acuity tool will allow you to see many hours of time blocked for availability to schedule.  Please choose a date and time during those two weeks that is convenient for you.  The tool will send a calendar invitation to both of us.

Schedule Here

After you have signed up, I will follow up with some additional information including the following:

  • Coaching Is and Coaching Is Not
  • The coaching process for you to prepare so you can get the most from our time together, and a
  • A zoom invitation so we can have a video conference discussion

I hope you are well and seeing your way through the challenges you are facing.  I look forward to assisting you towards your goals and next steps.

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