Is Coaching Essential?

Is Coaching Essential?

What kind of question is that?  We know that essential workers include our medical frontline teams, grocery store employees, pharmacists, farmers, restaurant staff, delivery personnel and many, many others as defined by our governmental officials.  

Our current scenario of life has brought alterations, challenges, disruptions and changes to lifestyle, workplace, childcare, pace of work, and mindset.  This immediate perspective has been created by something that is 1,000x smaller than a grain of sand – it has brought the entire world’s population and global economy to its knees.  Some have struggled with loss of life and diminished health, had family, relatives, friends, co-workers and/or classmates affected.  The scope of this virus and the reactions have been mind-boggling.

Leaders of countries, businesses, churches, communities, and families have all struggled with next steps in an unknown territory.  We each have views of what we should do.  How do we come out of this?  How do we respond?  How do we protect ourselves?  How will I be able to feed my family?  What will happen to those that I have to lay off?  What can I do to help those in need?  

We need leaders who are courageous, bold, willing to be vulnerable, full of integrity, trusted by others, willing to take on the tough decisions, and show compassion and empathy for their people.

In a world that is in a crazy state, why would coaching be essential?  It depends on your perspective and mindset.  Can I do it on my own?  Do I need help to figure this out?  Am I sure about my next moves?  Do I want to operate at my highest potential?  How can I get through this challenge more effectively?  How grounded am I in my approach to life?

Each of the above questions might lead towards…if I had a coach, I would…

  • Be able to lead with vulnerability and compassion
  • Be able to reach my potential more quickly
  • Be able to connect with others more effectively
  • Be able to make better decisions
  • Operate with higher integrity and be trusted by others
  • Increase my leadership scalability
  • Be able to lead more effectively, be bold and courageous
  • Be able to talk through my ideas / challenges
  • Be able to be less critical and more visionary
  • Bring greater profitability to my company
  • Have someone ask me questions that get to the core of the (or my) issue
  • Be more grounded in my approach and sure of myself
  • Use mentoring and developing skills more than micromanaging skills
Is Coaching Essential?
  • If I want to be the best that I can be – YES!
  • If I want to be more effective in my leadership capacity – YES!
  • If I want to be more scalable – YES!
  • If I want to get to the end point (whatever that is) more quickly – YES!

Yes, coaching is essential to any leader / individual who wants to grow and progress, be a better decision maker and bring greater profitability to my business/team.

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