The Vistage Experience

More than 65 years of Leadership Success

Vistage Overview

Vistage is your opportunity to benefit from the world’s most trusted CEO coaching and peer advisory organization while in a small, confidential, supportive group setting. Vistage connects successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses to share expertise, elevate critical and strategic thinking, and improve decision-making – all with the ultimate goal of improving leadership and growing your business.

Founded in 1957, Vistage is a global CEO peer advisory organization that spans the globe with over 45,000 members in more than 35 countries. Vistage provides outstanding support and opportunities to both its members and chairs.

Why Vistage?

Investment in Yourself and Leadership

Self-awareness and introspection change your thought process to help solve your most critical challenges.  With this transformation your business is impacted in a significant manner, scaling your leaders and their performance.

Valuable Investment in Your Business

Vistage members get out of the weeds and focus on their businesses one day each month. We work together to prioritize growth and business results.

Time-Tested Approach for Growth

During each of the meetings, we tackle complex situations as peers share and provide experience and expertise.  These confidential executive sessions allow group members the opportunity to participate in the generation of new ideas and approaches leading to better decisions.

Are you a growth-minded executive ready to invest in yourself and your business? Connect with Tim today for a consultation and interview. Reach out at to discuss how Vistage can help resolve challenging issues as you grow your business.

The Vistage Chair

About Tim Gustafson

You might say that Tim Gustafson was destined to be a coach from the time he was a youngster – whether on the field, on the court, or in the classroom. He has now taken that natural ability to clients and leadership teams alike. Others are quickly drawn to Tim’s genuine caring demeanor, as they quickly come to know that he is someone they can trust to take them to the next level. Tim has the unique gift of being able to leave people better than he found them.

Tim has over 35 years of experience leading and coaching individuals and teams. He has led groups as small as five and as large as 200, managed budgets up to $350M, executed small projects and complex programs. Today, Tim has found his “calling” as an executive leadership coach that stems from his passion for serving and helping others succeed. Tim’s coaching style brings about introspection and creates “inside-out” learning for leaders. He cuts through complexity, simplifying and bringing clarity and focus. His disarming yet challenging style provides an opportunity for engagement, drives change, and ultimately improves business performance.

As a Vistage chair, Tim facilitates confidential, monthly group meetings for high-caliber executives, business owners, and CEOs, along with individual coaching sessions for each member. Leaders can often feel alone in their roles… having a trusted experienced guide and peers who understand the situation provides a pathway for open, honest discussions of current challenges facing today’s business leaders. Tim’s vision is to create greater self-awareness, resulting in the development of better leaders, making better decisions, and achieving better results.

Interested? Please reach out to to discuss how Vistage can help you and your business resolve issues and experience greater growth.

Vistage Groups

Local Vistage groups meet monthly to work on their business needs in a private, safe environment. The goal is to get members out of the daily details of their companies and focus instead on the overall well-being of their businesses. Four group types, determined by experience level, are offered.

CEO Peer Group

Leaders gain a supportive community of peers where they can tap into each other’s insights and experiences to address challenges.  Gaining an outside perspective while learning to leverage self-awareness can help grow your business and improve your leadership effectiveness.

  • Peer Advisory Board Meetings – 12 full-day meetings per year
  • World-class speakers – Up to 10 speakers per year. Topics and speakers are determined by group input.
  • Executive Sessions – Peer support and input during issue resolution
  • Private Executive Coaching – Monthly one-to-one sessions with a private executive coach
  • Online Community – 24/7 access to thousands of members worldwide.
Key Executive Group

Peer support and guidance for your personal and professional challenges. Vistage’s Key Group enables you to push your career forward.

  • Peer Advisory Board Meetings – 12 full-day meetings per year
  • World-class speakers – Up to eight speakers per year. Group input determines the speaker selection and topic.
  • Executive Sessions – Peer support and input during issue resolution
  • Online Community – 24/7 access to thousands of members worldwide.
Advanced Leader Group

Peer support and guidance for your personal and professional challenges. Vistage’s Advanced Leader Group enables you to push your career forward, focused on effective thinking, communication, and collaboration.

  • Peer Advisory Board Meetings – six full-day meetings per year
  • Expert speakers – Six speakers per year
  • Issue processing focused on problem solving and execution
Emerging Leader Group

This two-year program prepares rising stars for the next level through enhancing leadership skills and building confidence to better deliver on company goals.

  • Two-Year Commitment – Focusing on 12 leadership competencies
  • Dynamic Group Meetings – Six all-day meetings every other month with cohort interaction during the “off” months
  • Experiential activities creating introspective learning and development
  • Expert Speakers – Speakers delve deep into each competency

Vistage Transformation

Vistage works in all economic environments.

According to Dun & Bradstreet data, Vistage CEO members grew their annual revenue on average by 4.6% in 2020, while nonmembers with comparable small and midsize businesses saw revenue decrease by 4.7%. Through peer advisory, executive coaching and training, and enrichment opportunities, Vistage creates better, more insightful leaders.

In both difficult times and a “normal” environment, being a part of Vistage will be a learning opportunity, benefiting you as a leader, your company, and your family. Vistage is for bold, courageous, and open-minded individuals who desire the support and guidance necessary to expand their businesses. Being a Vistage member will change your life.

About the Dun & Bradstreet Study

This study was an analysis performed on Dun & Bradstreet data for U.S. companies with up to $1B in annual revenue. The comparison was made on annual revenue growth (2020 vs. 2019) between Vistage member companies (sample size: 1,897) who joined the Chief Executive or Small Business programs before 2020 and a random sample of non-Vistage small and midsize businesses (sample size: 702).


Hear From Our Clients

We enjoy the relationships with our clients and are appreciative of their confidence and trust in the ALC team.
Charlis Brock

Tim has this amazing ability to question you into a space to where you just get it. You know the answer and you think, gosh why does it take him asking me these questions to get me there? But sometimes it very hard to turn the mirror around on yourself. Tim does that in a very intelligent and intuitive way.

Charlis BrockExecutive Vice President, CBI
Banking Leader

I never would have imagined how much Tim’s coaching would help me develop professionally. I started soaring once I began my coaching sessions with him. I know the coaching Tim provided has given me the aptitude to grow and develop, creating the possibility for me to aim to higher goals in my career.

Banking LeaderCharlotte, NC
Sr. Program Leader

Tim ranks among the very best I’ve ever seen for his ability to meet individuals “where they are” and coach and lead them to the next step in their growth professionally.

Sr. Program LeaderCharlotte, NC
Sr. Consultant

Tim’s coaching has helped me navigate from being a high performing contributor to a team leader. I have realized the importance of living each day focusing on commitment and putting effort and thought into how I treat myself and others.  My quality of life – both at work and away from the office – has never been better.

Sr. ConsultantCharlotte, NC
Team Leader

We focused on a few key areas of strength and as a result, my confidence, knowledge, awareness and skill set grew tremendously.

Team LeaderCharlotte, NC

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